• As President / CEO of Carey Design Studio, Tim has to do basically everything. Seriously, he spends half his day answering phone calls, leaving sticky notes all over the place, and sometimes actually developing and optimizing some websites.

    Tim lives in Dallas, Texas with a dog who was hit by a car and can now fly. Her name is Casey. She is a Golden Retriever. She doesn't even limp.
  • Andrea hails from the lovely city of Prague, Czech Republic, complete with a wonderful accent. According to Andrea, her management skills were honed during the constant skirmishes in the bread lines of yesteryear in the former Czechoslovakia. She now brings those management skills to Carey Design Studio as our National Account Manager.

    Andrea brings a fresh loaf of bread to work with her everyday. No kidding.

    OK, we're kidding.
  • Mark was technically trained at the world-renowned Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. Prior to his photographic career, Mark spent more than a decade as as Medic First Aid and Scuba Diving Instructor and Group Travel Specialist. Such experiences led him to work with IMAX Films, Howard Hall Productions, Ocean Channel and several guided international tours.
  • Felicia used to be a stuffy, corporate type, but we took care of that in short order. She actually showed up for her interview in one of those severe business suits that the "Power Ladies" wear on Wall Street! Luckily for her, she also showed up with her portfolio of design and programming work (yes, she can do both!) in tow.

    Felicia's official title is "International President" (we have no idea what this means), but she is affectionately known around the office as "The Queen of Everything".

    PS. HR told us we could legally ask her to "dress better", so we're all good now.
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